The Vertebral Column Bones

Vertebral Columnvertebral column bones

“A series of mobile segments held together by ligaments and muscles, each separated from adjacent segments by an intervertebral disc

(Anatomy and Human Movement structure and function; 5th Ed. Palastanga, Fields, Soames)

There are 33 bony segments, of which 24 are separate:

Cervical 7 (anteriorly convex-lordosis)

Thoracic 12 (anteriorly concave-kyphosis)

Lumbar 5 (anteriorly convex-lordosis)

Sacrum 5 fused bones

Coccyx 4 fused bones

Length Vertebral Column:

Typically between 72 and 75 cm, of which 40% from discs height. It can shrink upto 2cm from early morning to late evening due to disc compression

A large lateral spinal curve is abnormal – scoliosis

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