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Golf Swing Trainer


  • To have questions answered
  • To understand the very scientific rationale of each step
  • To receive personalized feedback

All the instruction modules sold through the website are designed to give you enough information to make learning the new movements easier. However, as with any online course, you are simply being told what to do. You will not have the opportunity to ask a golf swing trainer questions to clarify any concerns, or to understand the rationale of some aspects that you would like to know more about. Besides these reasons, perhaps the most important reason to take personal lessons from a golf swing trainer is for the instant feedback you can get.

It is known that there is a repeating pattern to the way humans learn movement, from the time it is a new movement until the time it becomes automatic. The brain controls movement and needs to be given specific information, at the right stage of learning.

“Augmented feedback” is feedback from a golf swing trainer which tells a person which movement they did not make correctly, and also informs him/her what to look for to know when he/she gets it right. Suitable feedback is very important during the cognitive or initial phase of learning, when the brain must understand the requirements for the movement and the outcome to be expected. During the next phase – the associative one – the golfer begins to have more feel for what to do, and is often able to self-correct. During this phase, as the MGS is very specific in its requirements, a golfer is able to successfully get appropriate feedback to know whether a movement was right or wrong. Through my research, I have seen that 8 -10 one-hour sessions, in very close succession (ideally daily), is adequate for a golfer to be able to begin to self-correct. Even 3-4 days of twice a day lessons, with time to rehearse the movements without hitting a ball, is adequate too.

So, if improvement is a requirement and you truly wish to get substantially better – more consistent, with better distance and direction –  you should consider personal lessons.

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