Anterior/Posterior Postural Analysis - continued

Acromioclavicular Joint: Check for enlargement on either side

Sternoclavicular Joint: Check for enlargement on either side

Scapula: can be in a constant state of protraction, with weak middle trapezius and rhomboids. Look for rounded shoulders in upper-back and neck areas (see illustration below).

Forearm: Hold upperarms close to body, elbows bent, forearms out in front of body. Have assessee pronate and supinate forearms. Palms should be able to face floor and ceiling respectively. Lack of full pronation or supination may indicate old forearm, wrist or elbow injury.

Elbow/Wrist: Rounded shoulders cause internal rotation of glenohumeral joint. Then elbows and wrists will rotate palms to face posteriorly instead of to the sides of the body, when assessee in anatomical posture. The initial internal rotation result from protracted shoulders, and shortened anterior shoulder muscles.

Hand: Have assessee make a fist, then open hand and spread fingers apart. Look for protruding knuckles in fist and swollen/crooked fingers when spread. Abnormalities may indicate old finger fractures or sprains.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.56.23 AM

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