Cognitive Phase - Role of Coach

– The development of a basic movement pattern should be facilitated

– Only critical aspects of skill should be communicated – verbally or demonstrated

– It cannot be known whether a player focuses on the appropriate features of a

demonstration alone, so this must be accompanied by verbal cues to direct

player’s attention to appropriate aspects of demonstration

– Avoid overloading

– Observing a learning model is as effective as observing a skilled model, if

feedback is provided with the learning model (eg. show a video of a beginner

golfer going through the steps while commenting on the correct movements)

– After the opportunity to observe several demonstrations, players must be afforded

adequate opportunity to practice the skill

– Coach should design practice experiences for initial motor program development

– At first the practice should allow for numerous repetitions (BLOCKED PRACTICE)

– COACH FEEDBACK important to reinforce, motivate and guide learning

– This phase is relatively short – few minutes or longer if skill is complex

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