Are You Trying to Achieve Greater Golf Distance?

  • You desperately need more distance – less distance is messing up your game and your life!
  • You’ve had golf lessons but they have not helped
  • WHAT is causing your lack of distance?

Are you are the shortest hitter in your fourball, while by you’re not the smallest or weakest? When you have a short golf distance, it’s embarrassing and bad for your game. If you’ve taken many lessons from various highly ranked golf instructors with no lasting benefit to your golf distnace, you may be wondering why.

Question number one is, does your golf swing trainer have a formal education in human movement? At a graduate level? If not he will be unable to help in the long run because the game of golf NEEDS SCIENCE but has simply been passed down to us, in a subjective manner, from the shepherds of Scotland who first played it! We don’t even use the sheep farming methods of those people from long ago anymore, why would we use their golf swing methods?

Unless your golf swing trainer understands golf swing mechanics and which golf swing sequences will create suitable motion, how can he improve your golf club speed and thus your golf ball speed? Your golf swing trainer should also understand the design of the human body, so that the golf swing sequence is not only what is relevant in biomechanics but also in human anatomy.  This deeper knowledge of movement science will help your golf swing trainer to give you the best golf swing for your needs.

There already exists one golf swing which has been developed through years of golf swing trainer experience as well as the formal graduate level study of golf swing mechanics (biomechanics) and human body design. This is the best golf swing for any golfer wishing to increase golf swing speed, cut out his slice, improve overall consistency or reduce the likelihood of injury.

To understand why you lack distance, you need to first understand where the currently known golf swing mechanics err. You are expected to both shift weight and rotate while dropping the trail side of your body and the arms down towards the ball. BUT the golf downswing lasts only 1/3rd second at most. You have to be very strong and fast and very athletic to do all this in such a short time.

The Minimalist Golf Swing (MGS) gives you far better golf swing mechanics by cutting out all extra movement and improving your downswing golf sequence with powerful rotation and no need for weight shift. Your personal golf swing trainer should now comprise the videos available on the MGS website. MGS is not just the perfect golf swing for you, but for any golfer of any age, any skill level, and either sex.

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