How to use golf video lessons and golf swing videos to improve your game

·         What is the difference between a golf video lesson and golf swing video?

·         How to benefit from either one of them

·         How to see better distance, direction, trajectory and overall consistency with MGS golf video lessons and golf swing videos

Is a golf video lesson useful? A Golf video lesson in this case refers to ready-made lessons offered for purchase online. Typically not because what can an instructor who claims every golfer is different actually help YOUR swing? However, the Minimalist Golf Swing System (full swing and short-game) positions all your body’s joints based on their design capabilities and so requires all golfers to get as close to ideal positions as possible. Even if you never get all the way there, based on your individual strength and flexibility levels, you will surely improve, that is the beauty of an MGSS golf video lesson. The MGS website currently offers a full-swing as well as a short game golf video lesson, and it is preferable to purchase the full-swing golf video lesson first, master all the steps involved and then the short game golf video lesson will be much easier to understand, and the putt, chip and pitch/bunker shots easier to learn.

A golf swing video is not the same as a golf video lesson, and typically refers to golfers emailing a video of their golf swing to a coach for assessment. While a coach can offer a good analysis, how can the coach supervise the swing changes that he or she recommends? With the MGS System, a golfer can purchase the golf video lessons online, then send in their golf swing videos after several  weeks of practice, for the coach to give feedback on which aspects have yet to be mastered. Such golf swing video facilities will be set up on this website soon.

What I look at in a golf swing video, once the golfer is attempting to use the MGS full-swing or short game is:

1.       The set-up – is there adequate rotation and is the golfer in balance?

2.       The backswing – is the head maintaining the position set up at address until impact?

3.       The backswing – is the body completely quiet and is the lead arm rising steeply, while the trail shoulder and torso remain low?

4.       The downswing – is the golfer truly not interfering with the downswing or is there excessive and too-early body interference?

The angles from which the MGS golf swing videos should be taken for expert assessment are:

·         Face on with the camera perpendicular to the middle of the body

·         Down-the-line with the camera placed parallel to the target line, halfway between the hands and the ball

·         From the rear – standing directly behind the player, in other words the exact opposite of the face-on angle

Most MGSS golf swing video analysis is made from the latter two angles, which easily show the efficiency or otherwise of the body’s joint positions.

So, whether you use the golf video lesson or the golf swing video method to improve your swing, the MGS full swing and short game are what will give you the best possible results.



Why use the Minimalist Golf Swing?

  • Better trajectory, distance, direction
  • More consistency, even under pressure or when tired
  • Less scope for injury

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What will you learn in this lesson?

  • basic putt
  • chip
  • pitch
  • bunker shots

This golf video lesson revolves around simplistic movement to achieve great results.

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Do learn better by reading the material than using a golf video lesson? This e-book was first published in 2006. Many golfers have sent in emails to say how much they have improved using the contents of the book. A great product, especially for beginners of all ages as well as young junior golfers.

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