Anterior/Posterior Postural Analysis - continued

Take a photograph of the golfer from anterior, posterior and both lateral views

          LoG bisects body into right and left halves – bisects vertebral bodies and is equidistant from glenohumeral, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints.

There should be little/no muscular activity to maintain balance and equilibrium


Head and Neck: Look for upward, downward or sideways (either side) tilt. Check upper trapezius and sternocleidomastoid (SCM) for balance and symmetry, they should not be too short or too long.

Have assessee look at ceiling, look at floor (ability to touch chin to chest), touch ear to shoulder (both sides), look over shoulder (both sides). Loss of motion on either side?

Glenohumeral Joint: Mainly check the deltoid, and study whether one shoulder higher/lower. Do shoulders round forward, which lengthens the posterior and middle deltoids and posterior rotator cuff muscles inappropriately?

Have assessee shrug shoulders while examiner holds them down. Feel loss of muscle strength, loss of muscle bulk. Look for unequal trapezius muscle size.

Have assessee hold arms out to the sides, horizontally, and lift, while examiner holds forearms down. Look for loss of strength or wasting. Both deltoids should have equal strength and size.

Have assessee hold arms out to the sides, bend elbows at 90°, then push forearms back as far as possible, maintaining elbow positions. Look for symmetry of movement and minimum vertical forearm positions; less indicates loss of external rotation (may indicate shoulder problem or old dislocation)

Have assessee hold arms out to sides, palms facing sky, then bend elbows so palms come close to shoulders, bending completely, then straightening completely. Look for equality of motion. Loss of extension or flexion may indicate old elbow injury, old dislocation, fracture).

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