Lateral Postural Analysis - continued

Take a photograph of the golfer from anterior, posterior and both lateral views

        LoG passes through the external auditory meatus, posterior to the coronal suture, and through the odontoid process (dens of axis vertebra). It continues through the midline of the trunk of the vertebral column, to pass slightly anterior to the sacroiliac joint. Then it moves slightly posterior to the hip joint axis, through the greater trochanter, anterior to the midline of the knee (but posterior to patella), to the anterior of the lateral malleolus of the ankle.

Little/no muscular activity to maintain balance and equilibrium.

Head and Neck: Look for forward head protrusion or cervical flexion (common among those sitting in front of computer for many hours).

Kyphosis and Lordosis: Kyphosis is an exaggerated curve, primarily in the thoracic region. It is mainly caused by two improperly stressed muscle groups. The posterior middle trapezius and rhomboids are lengthened, and, anteriorly, the pectoralis major and anterior deltoid are shortened. Lordosis is an exaggerated lumbar curve, resulting from shortened erector spinae posteriorly, and weakened rectus abdominus anteriorly.

Glenohumeral Joint: Imbalanced scapula along with internally rotated glenohumeral joint limits shoulder muscle structures, including anterior, middle and posterior deltoid to an anterior movement. This creates shoulders which are rounded forward and usually not level.

Elbow/Wrist: Because of the internal rotation of glenohumeral joint, the elbow and wrist often shift in front of the LOG. They are often in front of, or parallel to the rib cage instead of the palms hanging evenly with the sides of the legs

Hip and Pelvis: Muscle imbalances can develop an anterior or posterior pelvic tilt. In anterior tilt the pelvis tilts forwards, increasing the lumbar curve, which exaggerates lumbar lordosis and hip flexion. A posterior pelvic tilt flattens the lumbar curve because of increased lumbar flexion and hip extension.

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