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Improve Your Golf Swing: Learn How With Our Innovative System

  • Have you gone to multiple golf lessons with no true results?
  • Choose from on-line or in-person instruction from an instructor who has been formally educated in kinesiology and extensive lesson teaching experience is the key to improve your golf swing.
  • The Minimalist Golf Swing System covers each part of the golf swing to achieve and maintain an improved golf swing.

Improving your golf swing can seem like a large task whether you are an experienced golfer or a beginner. With over 27 years of golf coaching experience, I have yet to meet a golfer who said they improved their golf swing and remained better in the long run with other golf tips.

Golfers often feel like they have improved their golf swing, especially after a formal golf lessons with an experienced instructor. This could simply be a placebo effect because your friends have recommended this golfer and you would like to believe they are helping you improve your golf swing.

Many golf swing tips simply exchange problems, taking one problem away and giving another. These are so common because everyone has golf tips even if they have not studied the sport for years. Just because something worked for one golfer, some of the time, it does not mean it will improve YOUR golf swing. Many golf swing tips are simply subjective and do not help most golfers in the long run.

Golf swing instructors need scientific knowledge to properly assist their golf clients with improving their golf swing. Formal education also allows golf instructors to achieve movement that will help reduce the risk of injury for their clients. Most golf instructors have little to no scientific knowledge about the human body to back up their golf swing techniques. The Minimalist Golf Swing System has been handcrafted by me, an individual with 6 years of formal education in human movement and over 27 years instructing indivuals on how to improve their golf swing. This experience has allowed me to make sure each step of the system focuses on effectiveness and reducing the risk for injury.

It should be obvious that, to improve your golf swing, gain the perfect golf swing for you, and to show improvement which will not only improve your golf scores but even your motivation to play golf, you need lessons (online and in person) with a golf instructor with an extensive formal education in all the movement sciences plus years of experience in giving lessons to a diverse population of golfers, from juniors to professionals. With the developer of the Minimalist Golf swing System for full swing and short game, you’re in excellent hands, on all counts.


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