Anterior/Posterior Postural Analysis - continued

Take a photograph of the golfer from anterior, posterior and both lateral views

        LoG bisects body into right and left halves – bisects vertebral bodies and is equidistant from glenohumeral, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints.

Little/no muscular activity to maintain balance and equilibrium

Head and Neck: Look for upward, downward or sideways (either side) tilt. Check upper trapezius and sternocleidomastoid (SCM) for balance and symmetry, they should not be too short or too long. Look for rounded shoulders in upper-back and neck areas

Vertebral Column: Look for scoliosis or lateral deviations in the spine. Look at the spinous processes to observe this, or at differences in arm-to-body space between the two sides

Glenohumeral Joint: Mainly check the deltoid, and study whether one shoulder higher/lower. Do shoulders round forward, which lengthens the posterior and middle deltoids and posterior rotator cuff muscles inappropriately

Scapula: can be in a constant state of protraction, with weak middle trapezius and rhomboids.

Elbow/Wrist: Rounded shoulders cause internal rotation of glenohumeral joint. Then elbows and wrists will rotate palms to face posteriorly instead of to the sides of the body. The initial internal rotation result from protracted shoulders, and shortened anterior shoulder muscles

Knees: Genu valgum (knock knees) and genu varum (bowed knees) create stress in the knee joint and surrounding muscles. These are usually irreversible and any movement must take into consideration the person’s 4comfortable ROM.

Feet: Pes planus or flat foot can be a problem, as it internally rotates the hip, with a valgus knee situation and eventually a shoulder level drop on the contralateral side. The LOG of knee and hip joints is affected.

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