Standard Reference Terminology - continued

-Anterior/Posterior -to the front or ventral/to the rear or behind or dorsal

-Distal/Proximal –  further away from/closer to the trunk or root of a  limb OR

farther from/closer to any reference point

-Lateral/Medial      –  away from/towards body midline

-Superior/Inferior   – to the front/in front of (dorsal)

-Cephalic/Caudal  – head/tail maybe wrt trunk

-Superficial/Deep  – closer to/further from body surface or skin

-Prone/Supine – lying face down/lying face up

-Valgus/Varus – distal joint segment deviates laterally/medially

-Ipsilateral/Contralateral – on same/opposite side

-Unilateral/Bilateral –  one side/both sides

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