Expert Performance

[From: Expert and exceptional Performance, Ericsson & Lehmann, 1996]

Research shows that

  1. Expert and exceptional performance is highly reproducible
  2. Individuals attain internationally recognized levels of exceptional performance

only after TEN YEARS of intense preparation

  1. Deliberate practice for such a level can be unto 4 hours per day, not more
  2. Practice should be of the extended (up to 4 hours) yet DELIBERATE type
  3. “Talent” is really a case of extended, intense practice which causes

physiological, anatomical and neurological adaptations in the body. The only

exceptional qualities for more “talent” are anthropometric ones, especially height

  1. Most types of expertise are mediated by cognitive processes such as


  1. Continued successful ACTIVE LEARNING is essential even for experts
  2. Mechanisms mediating expert’s current performance include FEEDBACK

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