Golf Tutorial

  • What is a golf tutorial?
  • Which is the best golf tutorial to have?
  • Does a tutorial really help improve the swing?

The dictionary meaning of a “tutorial” is “of or relating to a tutor or a tutor’s instruction.” A golf tutorial in this instance, is anything related to the Minimalist Golf Swing System (MGSS), and, in fact, to any science relevant to golf swing movement.

Many golfers wonder what a golf tutorial is and what it can do to improve their golf swings. A golf tutorial can be anything involving receiving information. It could include blog posts which give general information about various aspects of golf such as the full swing or short game or it could be an actual instructional video.

The Minimalist Golf Swing System’s website could be considered a series of golf tutorials. A lot of information regarding the science behind the golf swing is posted in the blog section every fortnight. Blog posts include golf tutorials involving many golf sciences such as biomechanics, anatomy, motor control (how the brain controls movement) and even coaching theory. The purpose of these golf tutorials is to educate golfers regarding the strengths and weaknesses of not just their golf swings but other areas of their golf game too.

For instance, a golf tutorial on biomechanics might explain how it is best to use only those body movements which are “free” and do not require excessive muscle force to accomplish. A golf tutorial on anatomy might explain the main joints which need to be positioned correctly for a good quality of club-ball impact. A golf tutorial on motor control might explain how the brain controls movement; how movement patterns change when a person is nervous or injured; and how all movement is very variable. A golf tutorial on coaching theory might explain that the best way for a golfer to be trained by his/her golf coach is through augmented feedback which is not too frequent. The golf tutorial on coaching theory might also impart information on how play is more beneficial than constant practice.

A golf tutorial can, of course, give direct information on how to make a golf swing which simultaneously gives distance, direction, trajectory, consistency and a reduction of injury. The MGS website has three golf tutorials available for purchase in the form of videos. The full-swing golf tutorial explains, in detail, the set-up, backswing and downswing that is required to make a successful full-swing. The short-game golf tutorial gives information for the basic putt, chip, pitch and bunker shots. These two golf tutorials are more suitable for existing golfers. The ebook golf tutorial is more suited to beginners, and explains the basics from grip onwards; recommends some basic warm up exercises; and even explains the important aspects of etiquette and rules of golf for a beginner wishing to play on a golf course.

While golf swing tutorials typically have mixed results, suiting some golfers but not working for others, the MGS golf tutorials are based on how human joints can be positioned to work most efficiently, and so work for everyone, of any skill level, because all humans have the same joint movement capabilities!


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