Pelvic Girdle and Thigh (Femur) Bones

Important Bony Landmarkspelvic girdle and thigh

-Pelvic Girdle comprises 3 bones – sacrum and 2 innominate (hip) bones) each of the latter made up of: Ilium, Ischium, Pubis

-The pelvis, attached posteriorly to the sacrum (sacroiliac joint) and anteriorly by the pubic symphisis, forms a ‘protective ring’ around important organs

-The head of the femur (‘ball’) fits in

the acetabulum (‘scocket’), which is

a hollow at the meeting place of the

3 pelvic bones. THIS IS THE HIP JOINT

-Iliac crest, ASIS and PSIS of pelvis

-Greater & lesser trochanter of femur



Note:consider underlined bony landmarks only

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