Practice - How To - continued

BLOCKED vs RANDOM PRACTICE applies when multiple tasks to be learned

– What if only a single task to be learned? Use constant conditions? Use variable practice?

– VARIABLE practice allows the learner to transfer learning not encountered in practice

– VARIABLE practice helps develops a “schema” or rule which relates environmental

conditions such as distance of desired ball travel, to force and trajectory requirements,

muscle movement and the outcomes associated with movement

– The skill level of a person must be considered before deciding upon blocked or variable


– Once a beginner has mastered the basics of a skill through CONSTANT PRACTICE, the

next step is to use VARIABLE PRACTICE to develop the SCHEMAs required

for the actual sport


– Should a complex new skill be presented all at once or divided into smaller

meaningful units, that can be practiced separately then combined to a whole?

– A coach should decide between WHOLE, PART, PROGRESSIVE PART (practice 2 parts,

combine, practice 3rd part and add to first two), REPETITIVE PART (practice 1 part, then add

second part to it and practice both together). Depends on skill complexity and student level.

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