Muscles (and Tendons) - continued

Muscle classified by fiber arrangement (architecture) (For speed/force)

Parallel (FIBERS PARALLEL to line of pull)

  • fusiform or strap or sheet- (eg. biceps brachii/sartorius/external oblique)

All fibers along length shorten for greater speedPicture1


Oblique/Pennate (FIBERS OBLIQUE to line of pull)

  • uni-pennate, bi-pennate, multi-pennate

(eg. flexor pollicis longus/rectus femoris/deltoid)

– When fibers shorten & rotate around tendon,

angle of pennation increases.

– Greater the angle, less the force transmitted

BUT more fibers packed into area = overall more force

Note: THICK OR HYPERTROPHIED pennated muscle have larger pennation angles

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