Kinetic Concepts

Inertia Tendency of a body to resist a change in its state of motion

Mass Quantity of matter contained in an object

Force A PUSH or a PULL (the product of mass and acceleration)

(net Force) Resultant force derived from the vector sum or two or more forces

Center of Gravity The point around which a body’s weight is equally distributed              (NO MATTER HOW the body is positioned)

Weight Attractive force that the earth exerts on a body

Pressure Force distributed over a given area (Force per unit of area over which                force acts)

Volume The amount of space occupied by a body

Density Mass per unit of volume

Torque Rotary effect created by an eccentric (off center) force

Impulse When force is applied to a body, the resulting motion is dependent on the magnitude of the applied force AND the DURATION of force application

IMPULSE is the PRODUCT of force and the time over which the force acts


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