Joint Movement Terminology

-Flexion/Extension-move reducing/increasing angle between joints, ant/post,S

-Plantarflexion/Dorsiflexion- back of foot moves away/toward anterior leg,S

-Abduction/Adduction – movement away/towards midline of body, F

-Horizontal Abduction/Adduction – as above but with arm flexed 90º, T

-Lateral flexion (side bending) – movement away from midline, F

-Internal or Medial /External or Lateral Rotation – rotation towards/away from midline of

the body, T

-Supination/Pronation – (forearm) bones parallel/ one bone moves over the other OR move forearm till palm faces forward/palm faces backwards (similar direction of motion for foot), T

-Inversion/Eversion – movement of whole foot to bring sole facing medially/laterally, F

-Elevation/Depression- movement of shoulder superiorly/inferiorly, F

-Retraction/Protraction- movement of scapula towards/away from the spine, T

-Scapula Lateral/Medial Rotation – movement of scapula superior & lateral / inferior and

medial, F

– Radial/Ulnar Deviation – abduction/adduction of wrist, F

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