Common Issues with Coach Feedback


– Prescribing modifications for skill improvement depends on a coach’s ability to correctly

identify performance errors

– Even when movement errors are obvious and corrective responses are clear, transmitting

the information in a manner learners can understand is a concern. Often players cannot

translate instructions received into correct movement

– Sometimes players may not believe or accept what they are being told

Some useful strategies to analyze a skill and provide augmented feedback:

– First do a careful, through analysis of a player’s technique – focus on basic movement

patterns, not small idiosyncrasies of individual style

– AVOID offering feedback too quickly

– Offer corrective feedback ONLY IF substantial improvement or more safety is likely to result

– Select which error to correct, ONE ERROR AT A TIME; identifying the most critical one first

– Select the error that causes others OR which is easiest to learn OR is first in the sequence

– DO NOT experiment with random suggestions if unable to identify cause of an error

– THINK THROUGH and WATCH performance several times before offering feedback

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