Angular Kinetics - Sports Applications for Angular Impulse

In THROWING EVENTS (in track and field), IF ANGULAR IMPULSE is maximized, it

maximizes MOMENTUM, which in turn maximizes the DISPLACEMENT of the object

being thrown, after release. (the ultimate linear velocity is proportional to the angular

velocity before release, with the radius of rotation being the factor of proportionality, IF

Moment of Inertia does not change).


1.A HAMMER THROWER makes a few turns with the feet planted, then the next few with whole-body rotations, thus increasing angular momentum before the hammer’s release

2.Some HAMMER THROWERS put their trunks into slight flexion (termed ‘countering’ of centrifugal force which could pull the thrower out of the throwing circle), so that the hands get further from the feet (a vertical line from which forms the axis of rotation). This serves to increase the radius of rotation of the motion and thus the Moment of Inertia of the hammer, and finally increases the angular momentum (provided angular velocity remains the same).

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