Angular Kinetics - Sports Applications for Angular Impulse - continued

During AERIAL SKILLS, ANGULAR MOMENTUM required for total-body rotation

comes MAINLY from ANGULAR IMPULSE created by the REACTION FORCE of the


Eg. In a BACKWARD DIVE from a diving platform, The diver extends the hips, knees

and ankles and at the same time swings the arms backwards. The CG of the diver thus

gets positioned posterior to the vertical component of the platform’s reaction force.

This position then creates most of the backward angular momentum (via angular

torque) generated.

If, in addition, the diver places his feet further back from the tip, during takeoff from

diving board, the fulcrum is positioned further away. The board then tips downwards

More, which allows the diver more time in contact with the board to generate greater

angular momentum and thus more vertical velocity at the start of takeoff.

For both platform and spring dives, the rotation of the arms at takeoff contributes more

than any other segment, to angular momentum. When the arms are extended, the MoI

and thus the angular momentum increase.

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