Angular Kinetics - continued


Significance of Moment Arm length

Eg. A DANCER’s foot placement in preparation for total body rotation around the

vertical Axis. At the initiation of the turn, the torque producing the turn is provided by

EQUAL and OPPOSITELY directed forces exerted by the feet against the floor.

Turning with a smaller distance between the feet (ie. shorter moment arm) requires

greater force production by the dancer. Maximum force is thus required when turning

About a single support foot, as the moment arm is merely the distance between the

metatarsals and the calcaneus.

COUPLE: A pair of equal and oppositely directed forces that act on opposite sides of

an axis of rotation in order to produce torque. (The torque generated by a couple is

thus the sum of the products of each force and its moment arm).

In the human body, the moment arm for a muscle with respect to a joint center is the

perpendicular distance between the muscle’s line of action and the joint center.

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