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Tiger Woods – The Anatomy of his 2018 Golf Swing

An evidence-based case study with screen shots from TW’s February 2018 swing to illustrate. Problem: inconsistency with the driver, and misses to both the left and the right. In golf terminology, a swing with hands that are “flippy” ( and sometimes even “late”). What does he currently do or believe he should do? (based on […]

Tiger Woods and his Swing Coaches

Tiger Woods and his Swing Coaches     As any undergraduate course on the subject will explain, the purpose of studying sports biomechanics is three-fold: To understand the mechanism of injury of sports movements, and then rectify the cause (by either reducing any loads which are beyond the ability of various body-tissue to tolerate, or […]

Tiger Woods’ Rehabilitation and Prognosis

Tiger Woods’ March 2014 microdiscectomy (back surgery), what it was, what could have cause it, what next? The thick long, vertical strap muscles which keep our spines erect against the forward pull of gravity, and which have given homo sapiens the ability to evolve to an upright bipedal posture, are the erector spinae (ES) group, […]

Tiger Woods at the Players’ Championship 2013

Tiger Woods at the Players’ Championship 2013 A chip shot on the 16th hole, round 3 – where Tiger made up-and-down for birdie The frequently-asked question is: Will Tiger match Jack Nicklaus’ Majors’ records? The answer: not unless he can execute each shot with more precision – because the competition, once left far behind him […]

Tiger does it AGAIN

The most phenomenal talent in the golfing world does it again! At the May 2012 Wells Fargo event where he misses cut. It is all the fault of his swing. His top-of-backswing is set to require a MIGHTY MANIPULATION to bring his club back to impact from the inside and at a shallow angle, in […]