The Main Muscles of the Golf Swing – Their Use and Misuse

The Main Muscles of the Golf Swing Some very basic anatomy: A joint is a place where two bones come together. They never actually touch but are connected through a joint capsule. When movement takes place, it happens because two bones, connected at the joint,  are brought closer together or moved further apart. This is […]

Results from Recent Minimalist Golf Swing Research – Part II

Some Exciting Results from Recent Research on the Minimalist Golf Swing – the world’s only anatomically efficient golf swing Part II While Part I was data collected using motion capture and force plates, Part II is based on comparing a golfer’s existing swing’s muscle activation patterns with the Minimalist Golf Swing patterns after a single […]

Your swing – and Tiger’s – should resemble a modern car

Where Tiger – and YOU – go wrong Concepts about the golf swing have truly never evolved since the time shepherd boys insouciantly swung their crocks and knocked pebbles into holes. Not in any meaningful, scientific manner. So, although Tiger’s coaches have all been smart folks, none of them has ever dared think ‘outside-the-box’ enough […]

Jordan Spieth – An Anatomical Analysis of his Swing

Jordan Spieth Jordan Spieth – current number one golfer in the world. Great golfer, great human being! This is an anatomical analysis of his swing, showing how even he can get still better with an anatomical solution. You would find little of significance to  complain about with regard to his swing, using traditional means of […]


TIGER WOODS June ’15 – an ANATOMICAL & BIOMECHANICAL Analysis SIMPLIFIED [By a golf instructor with BS (physics, math); MS (sports science ie anatomy, orthopedic assessment, biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise testing & prescription, sports nutrition etc.);                             PhD (biomechanics – student).] Musculoskeletal Anatomy = the study […]

The MOST important thing about the golf swing

The MOST important thing about the golf swing Regardless of anything else, the golf club MUST approach the ball FROM THE INSIDE. NOT merely enough to strike the ball at it’s center, but on it’s inside right quadrant (for a right-handed golfer). To enable this, there are very many compensatory moves you can use, while […]

John Jacobs’ Teachings – Relevant to the 21st Century?

Are the teachings of John Jacobs – and by extension all the famous golf instructors such as Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, Hank Haney, Jim McLean and Jim Hardy who credit Jacobs as a major influence in their teachings – relevant for the 21st Century Golfer? Before reading on, watch this video: John Jacobs was […]

The Minimalist Golf Swing System, 2015

Happy New Year to all visitors to this blog, and to all users of the Minimalist Golf Swing System. Over 3 years spend completing a Masters in Sports Science helped to solidify concepts of how the body is designed and thus how best to harness its natural capabilities. Now, a single term in a PhD […]

Tiger Woods and his Swing Coaches

Tiger Woods and his Swing Coaches     As any undergraduate course on the subject will explain, the purpose of studying sports biomechanics is three-fold: To understand the mechanism of injury of sports movements, and then rectify the cause (by either reducing any loads which are beyond the ability of various body-tissue to tolerate, or […]

The Anatomy of the Baseball Pitch vs the Golf Swing

                                                The Anatomy of the Baseball Pitch vs the Golf Swing This post is based on three months of being exposed to the theory of, plus a few days trying to mimic […]

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