May 5th, 2012

Tiger does it AGAIN

The most phenomenal talent in the golfing world does it again! At the May 2012 Wells Fargo event where he misses cut. It is all the fault of his swing. His top-of-backswing is set to require a MIGHTY MANIPULATION to bring his club back to impact from the inside and at a shallow angle, in order to have straight ball-flight. Can a manipulation repeat itself in a new swing? Tiger's full-swing May 2012 Have a look at his putting next. From face-on, look how his arms are stuck to his sides, in the follow-through. Imagine guiding a pool-cue or billiards cue with the forearms stuck so close to the body. What happened to a simple back-and-past-the-ball putter movement? Look at his left shoulder rotating inwards. How does that help keep the putter (and therefore the ball) moving straight down the target line? Tiger Woods at Wells Fargo 2012 Surely putting is a simple case of 'club arrives at the ball and departs from the ball in a straight line, ball goes straight'! How about his distance from the ball? Does it not appear that as he is so far away from the ball and thus so bent forward, he has to bend his elbows a lot in order to prevent shoulder tension? If so, no wonder the arms cannot move the club back and through in a simple movement. Comments anyone? Tiger Putts at Wells Fargo 2012 Tiger needs MGS. Not only for its simplicity and efficiency but because it does not take years to learn unlike his last 2 swings.

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