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Ground Reaction Force – What it can and cannot do for Golfers

Ground Reaction Force – What it can and cannot do for Golfers  The theory, and some examples that demonstrate its meaning: What, first of all, is the much talked-about ground reaction force (GRF)? The free dictionary defines GRF thus: GRF force is offered by support surface, equaling and opposing force due to body mass passing […]

Tiger Woods – The Anatomy of his 2018 Golf Swing

An evidence-based case study with screen shots from TW’s February 2018 swing to illustrate. Problem: inconsistency with the driver, and misses to both the left and the right. In golf terminology, a swing with hands that are “flippy” ( and sometimes even “late”). What does he currently do or believe he should do? (based on […]


TIGER WOODS June ’15 – an ANATOMICAL & BIOMECHANICAL Analysis SIMPLIFIED [By a golf instructor with BS (physics, math); MS (sports science ie anatomy, orthopedic assessment, biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise testing & prescription, sports nutrition etc.);                             PhD (biomechanics – student).] Musculoskeletal Anatomy = the study […]

The MOST important thing about the golf swing

The MOST important thing about the golf swing Regardless of anything else, the golf club MUST approach the ball FROM THE INSIDE. NOT merely enough to strike the ball at it’s center, but on it’s inside right quadrant (for a right-handed golfer). To enable this, there are very many compensatory moves you can use, while […]

Tiger Woods’ Rehabilitation and Prognosis

Tiger Woods’ March 2014 microdiscectomy (back surgery), what it was, what could have cause it, what next? The thick long, vertical strap muscles which keep our spines erect against the forward pull of gravity, and which have given homo sapiens the ability to evolve to an upright bipedal posture, are the erector spinae (ES) group, […]

Review – Tom Watson’s Lessons of a Lifetime – an Anatomical Perspective

A review of Tom Watson’s newly released ‘Lessons of a Lifetime’ DVD series. See the new section ‘reviews’ in this blog to read all about these 3 DVDs. You’ll see the collective wisdom of the best players and teachers of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Also discussed is how some of the instruction imparted is […]

Colin Montgomery 2014 – The Anatomy of his Full Swing

See Colin Montgomery’s Full Swing from an Anatomical Perspective This is a swing which moves all of the major joints of the body during the backswing. It also goes from being wide at takeaway to fairly narrow at the top, so that as the right side is dropping down, there is very little time during […]