May 24th, 2014

Colin Montgomery 2014 – The Anatomy of his Full Swing

See Colin Montgomery's Full Swing from an Anatomical Perspective

This is a swing which moves all of the major joints of the body during the backswing. It also goes from being wide at takeaway to fairly narrow at the top, so that as the right side is dropping down, there is very little time during which all the bent and twisted joints can unbend and un-twist.

That's not to say that a golfer with such a swing cannot succeed. As this is being typed, Colin Montgomery has had 3 phenomenal rounds to lead the PGA Seniors' 2014 Championship at the end of day 3, but good golf for him means making sure his full swing is always timed well and never rushed, and hoping to sink a few long putts.

Screen shot 2014-05-24 at 3.08.10 PM

See a 2014 video of this atypical golf swing: [embed][/embed]

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