Consistency with YOUR golf backswing? A SIMPLE TEST.

Consistency with YOUR golf backswing? A SIMPLE TEST. The ONLY WAY for the club to arrive at the ball is FROM THE INSIDE, with an UNDERARM movement. At the top of your backswing are your hands set for a tennis over-arm serve? Are they wrapped right around you? Do many right-side joints need to be […]

Golf-Swing Thoracic Rotation – Boon or Bane?

Golf’s In-Swing Thoracic Rotation. (see this video for more on Thoracic Rotation – boon or bane) It all began when someone told us that something called X-Factor could separate the longest from the shortest hitters on Tour. (Was this X-factor relationship one of correlation or causation?). The X-factor required a golfer’s thorax to rotate […]


Make THIS your BEST-EVER Golf Year In the new video with this title (in this blog, in the section ‘golf videos’) are some ‘helpful hints’ on what you might consider doing to make the New Year an exciting one for you – GOLF-wise. Have posted several videos over the past few weeks which give a […]

The Ubiquitous Over-the-Top Swing – even the Pros make it!

The Ubiquitous Over-the-Top Swing While in the process of compiling the Titleist Performance Institute’s 12 most common swing faults for a blog post, decided to discuss the over-the-top subject first, simply because TPI claims that most amateurs have it, and that’s what differentiates the good golfers from the not-so-good. The TPI definition (one of 12 […]

PITCH vs CHIP – when to

Pitch vs Chip – when to The comment about chipping, by a visitor to this blog who hosts a chipping website, prompted this post. What is the difference between a ‘chip’ and a ‘pitch’ shot and when should one use which one? It is amazing how many good golfers too do not use that highly […]

What is YOUR swing fault?

What is YOUR swing fault? A leading golf Instructor commented on how a slice and other swing faults should be cured: “In my experience there are no fixed cures. Every situation can have many solutions. I have seen players doing so many things to slice a ball that there are in my opinion about 4 […]

Does ‘GRIP’ matter?

Does ‘grip’ matter? ‘Grip’ means different things to different golfers. Strong or weak; overlap, interlock or ten-fingered; palm or fingers; ‘v’ pointing to chin or shoulder; long thumb or short; trigger finger or not; pressure in last three fingers/middle two fingers/thumb and pointer finger? Whatever grip a golfer has, he/she will probably always revert to […]

Minimalist Golf Swing for junior golfers

If you have junior golfers and wish to introduce them to golf, yes, it’s important for them to have fun, BUT it’s equally important for them to see early success! Even a 5-year-old knows when she/he hits a worm-burner, completely along the ground! No matter how encouraging parents might be, or how much teachers say […]

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