December 18th, 2012


Make THIS your BEST-EVER Golf Year

In the new video with this title (in this blog, in the section 'golf videos') are some 'helpful hints' on what you might consider doing to make the New Year an exciting one for you - GOLF-wise.

Have posted several videos over the past few weeks which give a good picture of what you could do better, once you get a clearer idea of what needs doing, by watching all of the videos in the sequence described below (you could simply click on the links below; go to the 'golf videos' section of this blog where they pop up one after the other; or see them on youtube):

The BODY's ROLE in the GOLF SWING Over-the-Top GOLF SWING - Best Definition Is YOUR golf swing a lot of BS? How to hit your best shot - ALWAYS Is YOUR GOLF SWING Over-the-Top? Putting - A Pendulum-like Motion. Yes or No? Make THIS your BEST-EVER GOLF YEAR  

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