July 19th, 2012

Minimalist Golf Swing for junior golfers

If you have junior golfers and wish to introduce them to golf, yes, it's important for them to have fun, BUT it's equally important for them to see early success! Even a 5-year-old knows when she/he hits a worm-burner, completely along the ground! No matter how encouraging parents might be, or how much teachers say 'good swing' or 'good attempt' or whatever - kids these days are very smart, and know when they've hit a bad shot, and a collection of bad shots might just make them lose interest! So, the main things junior golfers should be taught (in random order)
  • Shoulder-width stance (not adult shoulders, theirs)
  • Keep both feet firmly on the ground, at all times
  • Swing with fairly straight arms (a slight bend in the trail elbow is required though)
  • Keep the trail side slightly below the lead side all through the swing (and the chest facing away from target until well after impact)
One cute 5 year old junior in our summer camps at Oakbrook Golf Course, Edwardsville, Illinois demonstrated two swings - the one his daddy taught him and the one 'key-run' taught him, and he replicated both so exactly!

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