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‘Transition’ for the ‘traditional’ and ‘minimalist’ golf-swing downswings

What does ‘Transition’ mean? ‘Transition’ is the change in movement from backswing to downswing, so should technically mean the point at which the clubhead reverses direction. All sorts of movements are recommended for a golfer to ‘transition’. Have you heard any of these before? 1. Shift weight back towards target 2. Re-plant your raised left […]

YOUR top-of-backswing position could be INEFFICIENT

  IS YOUR top-of-Backswing position INCORRECT? We all agree that the golf downswing is an underarm movement, right? Like a tennis ground stroke, NOT serve? Try this simple test to see if YOUR top-of-backswing position is able to let you make an UNDERARM movement during the downswing Get into your normal top-of-backswing position Drop your […]