March 15th, 2013

YOUR top-of-backswing position could be INEFFICIENT

  IS YOUR top-of-Backswing position INCORRECT? We all agree that the golf downswing is an underarm movement, right? Like a tennis ground stroke, NOT serve? Try this simple test to see if YOUR top-of-backswing position is able to let you make an UNDERARM movement during the downswing
  1. Get into your normal top-of-backswing position
  2. Drop your club without getting out of position (be careful where you drop it!)
  3. Take your left hand off the grip (if you’re a right-handed golfer) and put the left arm behind your back
  4. Now take a look at your right arm. Try to drop it down simply by straightening it at the elbow without any body movement
  5. Are you able to drop it down into an underarm position? Many people will find their right arm quite high up, positioned for a tennis serve (NOT good). Others will find they are quite stuck and cannot drop the arm down UNDERARM without dropping the right side of the body (trunk) down first. You will only be in position to drop your arm into an underarm position if you have a MINIMALIST GOLF SWING top-of-backswing position
See how to perform the simple test: [embed][/embed]  

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