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MGSS - Short Game (Video)

The MGSS short game – basic putt, chip, pitch and bunker shots – is devised for maximum simplicity of movement. It has been developed by working backwards or “reverse engineering” the requirements of club-ball contact. The way that is done is by asking, “where should the club be at, and past, impact?” “how can we scientifically position each body part to deliver the club as required?” It has NOT been developed by observing how “others” do it (not even skilled golfers), which is not a fair way to have YOU do it.

Every shot allows the club to move past the ball in the ideal direction. The putter moves straight down the target line, and imparts less skid. The chip shot also keeps the club on the target line for much longer than normal, so an unexpected amount of force is not put into the ball. The pitch and bunker shots allow the hands and club to make a very steep, narrow swing arc, so the ball climbs up quickly and drops softly, without using wrist cock, which is a movement requiring superior timing.

The other reason besides the main ones for switching to the MGSS short-game, is that every swing will be matched in style and movements, and thus easier to use consistently.

Lesson Cost $14.99

Lesson Cost $14.99

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