Minimalist Golf Swing System

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MGSS - Full Swing (Video)

Why use the Minimalist Golf Swing?

  • Better trajectory, distance, direction
  • More consistency, even under pressure or when tired
  • Less scope for injury

YOUR golf swing, regardless of the movements you use, cannot give you consistency, nor can it give you better distance and direction. It will also fail frequently when you try too hard; are anxious to perform well; or are fatigued. Because it simply has too many moving parts during the backswing. Then, during your downswing, you have to unbend and untwist everything in the correct order, at the right time, and also try to make the club arrive at the ball with maximum speed and from an inside path. In short, you need to be something of a golfing genius! Not just you, but every golfer using a “typical” golf backswing, be it modern or classic or anything in between.

The less the body lifts up or shifts weight backwards during the backswing, the less it must do to bring the club back to the same spot it started from. The Minimalist Golf Swing (MGS) cuts out all movement which is not required during the backswing. After all, you do not hit the ball with your backswing, so why move so much during that phase of the swing? Especially when all the required movements can be generated in the downswing WITHOUT being used during the backswing.

ONLY the MGS can effectively cut out backswing movement, but add it all back during the downswing! Actually, instead of getting a golfer into the top of the backswing, The MGS positions you at the top of your downswing, so that all body parts are primed and ready for their roles in the forward – targetward – movement. This cuts out the need for a “transition” which is really a part of the swing during which you “undo the unnecessary”. The basic MGS philosophy is “why do more”?

Even though the MGS requires a big swing change, you can practice it at home or at a driving range until you’re confident enough to take it on the course. You can continue to play with your usual swing until you’re ready to use the MGS movements. The unusual set-up of the MGS will trigger the correct backswing so that your brain will not confuse the new backswing movement with the old one. The MGS downswing needs no inputs from you, the golfer, either. It has often been termed the “do nothing” downswing, and is a completely involuntary movement, rather like a set of dominoes – after the first one falls, everything else follows in the correct sequence, without the need for any interference.

It is the only golf swing to have been subjected to a lot of research, at every phase of its development, some of it published. It works for every skill level of golfer from Tour player to beginner, simply because, once learned, it flows effortlessly.

Lesson Cost $24.99

Lesson Cost $24.99

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