Thinking Outside the (Golf-Swing) Box – Why it Matters

Thinking Outside the (Golf-Swing) Box – Why it Matters Why think outside the box in golf – whatever for? The whole world has played the game quite successfully for Centuries, after all. Read on for a reasonably-well-presented case in favor of the idea. The golf swing has been passed down basically unchanged, from the times […]

Tiger Woods’ Future in Golf

Tiger Woods’ Future in Golf Why is it dangerous for “typical” golf instruction to be given to an injured golfer? What is “typical” golf instruction? What can the average golfer learn from all this? Continuing on from the previous blogpost, this one discusses exactly what a coach desirous of working with leading golfers, especially those […]

What Golf Swing Research Can Tell Us

What Golf Swing Research can – and cannot – tell us What is golf swing research, where can you find any? How should you know whether to use the information contained or take it with a pinch of salt? Will your golf game improve with this information? The best place to find golf related research […]

Why Individual Joint Positions Matter

 Individual Joint Positions Matter Excessive whole-body movement and individual joint positions BOTH matter. Which joints are important for a successful golf swing. Only the MGSS full-swing does all that is required. The last (December 8th) blog post discussed how the brain’s control of all movement is complex, and changes constantly, especially under conditions of anxiety, […]

Why and How Should Overall Swing Movement be Reduced?

Reduce Swing Movement for Better Ball Flight, Consistency, and Safety from Injury Why and How Should Overall Swing Movement be Reduced? Why should overall movement be reduced? How should whole-body movement be reduced How will it improve your full-swing and give you more swing-satisfaction? Although many golfers do not realize this, it is the brain […]

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