September 24th, 2012

Typical and Atypical situations with respect to the MGSS

Typical and Atypical situations with respect to the MGSS All ‘typical’ MGSS shots (ie full-swing, pitch/bunker, chip and putt shots) are designed to give a golfer an inside path and wide arc (of both the lead as well as trail arms) during the backswing. Both inside path and width during backswing are concepts based on my years of research which have proved scientifically that these two aspects are important. So, when a narrower arc is required, in order for the club to arrive steeply at the ball and thus ‘pinch’ the ball, a few minor adjustments must be made. These are described in the video MGS from Awkward/Unusual Lies in the ‘golf videos’ section of this blog. The bunker/pitch shot used by the MGSS provides a soft-landing, high shot without significant narrowing of the backswing arc. It may therefore be considered a ‘typical’ MGSS shot. It remains basically the same movement as the full-swing, except that it has reduced distance by cutting out the full-swing downswing body-rotation. It is able to achieve that by having the golfer stand closer to the ball. With typical MGSS movements and not being required to ‘finish’ (stand-up-and-turn-to-face-target through impact), the chances of hitting a ‘fat’ or ‘skulled’ shot are fairly non-existent. A video for this has also been posted in the ‘golf videos’ section. Finally, as of November 2012 you can get an on-line video analysis to see how your MGSS is progressing, PLUS new information, not available in the ebook or website or blog. Email for details/suggestions/questions.

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