April 23rd, 2013

The wise-old sayings for the Golf Swing

Golf swing Tips from the best golf teachers in the world Hit down on the ball. Keep your head/body down. Keep you left arm straight. Finish with your belt buckle facing target. Make sure your club gets to parallel on the top. Cock your wrists during the backswing. Bend your knees. Keep your arms connected to your body. My question is, can anyone please tell me the origin of any of these subjective statements and how they are valid in science - especially any science related to the human body - anatomy/biomechanics/physiology - because after all, the body has to move the club (although even here there is debate - "let your body respond to the moving clubhead" is still a popular saying among a whole cult of 'swing the clubhead' folks.) So, if I laid a club against a wall, and stood a few feet away from it, it would move, and my body would respond, I presume?

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