June 7th, 2012

The ‘push shot’ is NOT MGS!

Many 'MGS' users complain of a making a 'push' shot (straight out to the right, for a right-handed golfer, with no curve on the ball). Firstly it should not be a complaint, because at least they now have just one stock shot, and the earlier low pulls or sliced shots are gone. They're therefore 'almost' but not fully MGS. Basically, a 'push' is NOT MGS, it means the golfer has deviated from the movements required in some small way (hence the improvement of ball-striking to just a push). Their right trunks are therefore still slightly higher than left, which is the exact opposite of what the MGS 'magic move' requires. This golfer has got the MGS set up perfectly, BUT the left arm is so stretched out and stiff, it pushes the rest of the body, so that the left trunk drops slightly, and therefore the left knee drops and the hips get moved (rotated) too. The MGS backswing needs a very, very soft left arm, climbing steeply up the chest wall, and no other body movement during the backswing. In the picture above, someone standing behind the golfer should be able to see much less of this golfer's left arm (green line amount, NOT red line amount), simply because that left arm is climbing loosely and steeply up, and is not stiff or stretched.

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