May 22nd, 2012

The Minimalist Golf Swing’s pre-shot routine

All recent lessons have indicated that applying the MGS pre-shot routine in very deliberate steps ensures that all positions are correct. Three lessons over the past 5 days come to mind - a female Tour player, an 80-year-old, and an 11 year old. The first was a bit embarrassed to twist and unconsciously got out of the 'twist' just prior to the start of the backswing, or over-did it, and allowed the head to droop to far to the right. The second kept forgetting the steps so needed them reinforced, one at a time. The third always made the set-up and swing in a hurry and did not get into MGS positions all the time, and was rather upset. So, make a note of each one of the individual steps you use in your set-up routine, and then practice making each one deliberately, almost pausing between steps. The deliberateness of it all not only ensures nothing is forgotten, but also helps to slow the mind down. It is also important to only have meaningful steps during the routine. A step such as looking at the target (especially after an MGS twist!) is not particularly useful for the full-swing, as no hand-eye co-ordination for distance-judgment is required.

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