February 9th, 2013

The MINIMALIST GOLF SWING SYSTEM – what’s new for 2013

The MINIMALIST GOLF SWING SYSTEM - what’s new for 2013

If you are a follower of the MGSS, you will be pleased to know that there are now many new ways to IMPROVE YOUR BALL-STRIKING (for the full-swing, pitch/bunker, chip and putt) and reduce your chance for injury. You will be able to internalize the swing process more efficiently AND learn more about the MGS System and why it works. Here’s how:
  • A personal ‘learn golf in a day/weekend’ session in St Louis, March to September 2013
  • ‘Get MGSS Certified’ Level I in 2013 (Level II, information for which currently being processed in 2014)
  • One-line video-based golf instruction
  • The ebook DIY (do-it-yourself) GOLF which may be purchased through the website
  • The blog minimalistgolfswingblog.com which now has a forum
  • the www.minimalistgolfswing.com website which will soon have new sections
To avail of 2012 rates on any of 1 or 2 the above, please confirm your dates for personal instruction by 12th March 2013. Online video-based golf instruction and the DIY (do-it-yourself) GOLF ebook are offered through the website www.minimalistgolfswing.com Naturally, any general golf-swing related questions as well as suggestions for golf-related youtube videos for the future will always be attended to asap, at no cost!

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