November 3rd, 2012

The Minimalist Golf Swing System – have you GOT IT?

MGSS - have you GOT IT? Many people get into a slightly closed set-up and think they’ve GOT IT! NOT SO. There is much more to MGSS, and the RIGHT-SIDE-DOWN of the backswing is as - important as - or more important than - the SPINAL ROTATION of the set-up. Sometimes making all the same movements while standing nearer - as one does for the pitch shot - is a good way to make sure you GET all the elements of the MGSS full-swing, without leaving anything out. See the video ‘It’s NOT MGSS - The Pitch Shot’ in the golf videos section of this blog to understand it a bit better. If a golfer does not follow the few basic must-haves of the MGSS, she/he easily reverts to old bad habits. In the case of the golfer below, the old habit is to start with a backward bend of the right wrist along with a drop down of the left side of the body. This drop-down of the left side allows the right side to lift, and allows the right elbow to bend pointing backwards (instead of down). Now the right elbow cannot straighten out - FROM THE INSIDE - in time for the downswing, and the golfer arrives at the ball from the OUTSIDE, and OVER-THE-TOP. The moral: TWIST enough for the shot to be made, keep the right side DOWN throughout the backswing, and start the backswing from the top of the left arm!

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