June 2nd, 2012

The Minimalist Golf swing for golfers with injury

A golfer who plays every day since the past 40 years, has limited hip mobility and also recently had pain in his thigh. He was very flexible in his upper-body, however, made a really good MGS set-up 'twist', and was so much less over-the-top in just 15-20 shots which he hit, MGS style. See his video on youtube. Another recent student had been told via an internet lesson to swing just right-handed to sort out some swing problem. He ended up having tendonitis/bursitis in his right shoulder, because no one told him HOW his right arm should/should not rise while taking it back single-handedly. His right upper-arm rose higher than 90 degrees with no right elbow bend - an easy way to get impingement of the tendons and bursa under the acromion process of the shoulder-blade (scapula). All the PGAs should have mandatory anatomy courses before they certify instructors!

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