February 27th, 2013

The GOLF Ball FLight Laws and Shakespeare

What do GOLF’s Ball Flight Laws and Shakespeare have in common?

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“Much Ado About Nothing” (MAAN)

You only need 3 ball flights which are of any practical use whatsover - the straight shot, the pull-slice and the push-hook (yes if you want to split hairs you can term them the pull-fade and the push-draw too). So why discuss 9 ball flights? Did it ever strike those who clutter our minds with a ton of junk just to make headlines that you never ever need a pull for instance, and if you need to go left of target, you can simply aim there and make a straight shot? So, just as the 9 Ball-Flights are 6 flight-patterns too many, The Ball Flight Laws - old and new combined are WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION. If you can always arrive at the ball from an inside, shallow path, at maximum speed, you’d hit your shorter clubs straight, and your longer, lighter clubs with a baby draw, and have maximum possible distance and ideal trajectory too. MUCH TOUGHER is to figure out the swing to always connect the ball on it’s INSIDE RIGHT QUADRANT (for a right-handed golfer) and BELOW ITS EQUATOR, AND while imparting maximum speed TO THE BALL (NOT to the air around it or into the ground!). [Of course, the Minimalist Golf Swing helps you to do that, time after time.] Occasionally you might need a pull-fade/slice. (Even though it’s no way to hit a golf ball except if you’re an ape with all bludgeon and no brain). After all, it requires contact with the outside right quadrant of the ball, and a steep, narrow downswing path. [Of course, a simple set-up-only modification of the Minimalist Golf Swing’s set-up helps you to do that too, time after time.] So, golfers, quit worrying about the dynamic loft, face angle and centeredness of contact - THEY ARE ALL A FUNCTION OF YOUR SWING and cannot be improved upon simply by knowing them! Simply USE A SWING which allows you to arrive at the ball from the inside and shallow. It’s so simple, it’s silly, BUT if you’re arriving from the inside and at a shallow angle of approach, your clubface CANNOT be OPENING as it arrives at the ball, hence NO SLICE (or slice family, which according to the MAAN Ball Flight Laws includes pull-slice and push slice and plain slice). FORGET all about the MAAN BFL, just GET A SWING which prevents bad ball-flights.      

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