June 18th, 2014

The Common Factor in six top Women’s Backswings

The Common Factor in six top Women's Backswings

If you were asked, "What is the single most common swing position seen during the top of these backswings?', what would your response be? The answer is in the 'backside'. NONE of theirs have rotated! L to R: Stacy Lewis, Michelle Wie, Paula Creamer, Jessica Korda, Se Ri Pak, Lexi Thompson.

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 7.20.05 PM

So now, power must come from only an unwinding trunk, when women have so much more in the hip and gluteal-muscle area.  A lot of women are then excessively torquing their spines, and so having to unwind lumbar, thoracic and cervical areas of the spine at different paces and times, as they all have different sizes and roles and the spine is not in position to unwind as a single column.

The result? In-efficiency of ball-striking, potential for injury.

The ENTIRE SPINE - from neck to tail-bone NEEDS to be rotated back as a single column!

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