April 19th, 2012

The Chicken-and-egg conundrum in Golf

Which matters most? Should the golf swing be club-centric or body-centric? A debate as old as which comes first - the the hen or what she hatches? If the swing is club-centric, then any-body, including that of a gorilla, or no-body should be able to make the club move! If the swing is body-centric, does it allow/help, or better still - force - correct club positions? Usually one gets either one or the other. MGS gives one both - correct body positions (correct not subjectively, but because the body’s joints are placed in positions they are DESIGNED to work from), which have been reverse-engineered from required club-positions. The same reverse-engineering process takes place with the MGS pitch/bunker; chip and putt strokes. After all, we golfers are greedy. We want both the chicken and the eggs - both the club and the body to be positioned for effortlessly correct impact.

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