May 16th, 2012

Teaching the MGS Full-swing

Teaching MGS

There are already 2-3 people teaching MGS - just from information gleaned through Minimalist Golf Swing System content on youtube, the website, blog and ebook. The best way to teach MGS to anyone trying it out for the first time, is to have them get into their usual posture and grip, without a club in their hands.Then set them up in the MGS twist to make sure they get it just right, and give them the feel of left arm rising softly and steeply up the chest wall. Sometimes they get so caught up in the twist they never focus on keeping the right side down (magic move of the backswing) and lifting the left arm loosely and isolatedly up the chest wall. Then they could hold a club in hand, way down on the grip, with the club 6” above the ground, and make swings with a club but no ground contact. Next the should hit the ball off a tee. Prefer to start with mid-irons, then longer irons/hybrids/fairway woods and only when all these stages have become more of a ‘habit’ should the student try to hit the ball off the grass or pull out the driver! Another good tip is to have then do through each of the MGS set-up steps (in the ebook/blog) very deliberately, so they feel that they have made each step. Those with tight grips (how can you tell? First by looking at the stiffness of the elbows or shoulders, and then by trying to tug the club out of their hands!) or those confused with the concepts of the set-up and swing and not repeating each step even when you verbally re-inforce it, need even gentler treatment. Make sure they practice the movements a lot before attempting any swings with a club in the hand. (Left handed golfers, sorry, please reverse R and L!) Incidentally, the MGS Level 1 and 2 certifications are designed to be the most scientific in the world, not just a collection of concepts randomly put together. Any student will see that the MGS certified instructor can personalize the MGS System for any skill-level or body-type of golfer.

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