October 17th, 2012

Ryder Cup 2012 – Forgotten and Forgettable except for the Lesson given to Tiger

The Ryder Cup 2012 - Forgotten and Forgettable Who are the 45,000 masochists who want to stand frozen in place (no room to even raise an arm), for a couple of hours, on one of only four fairways, to be able to see a maximum of maybe 16 shots hit from that area! Especially those masochists who are not a minimum of 6’ 5” tall and can thus at least see clearly over the heads of people standing 10 rows deep all around the limited fairways-in-play Of course, the ambience of a Ryder Cup is awe-inspiring and the approximately 3500 volunteers make moving crowds into a logistical marvel. The Middle-Eastern-inspired club-house architecture is a sight to behold (huge dome, minarets and the name ‘Medinah’ - albeit pronounced differently!). And the ’mums in all their resplendent Fall glory were everywhere, as were the giant old trees in shades of yellow and red. However, the 2012 Ryder Cup was forgettable and is, by now, surely forgotten. The most standing-out factor was how Tiger, once again, was a mess. My personal highlight was getting my picture taken next to ‘him’ and telling him not to be so over-the-top with his right shoulder - he always is, and the MGSS philosophy explains that that is the fault of important body-joints not being in good positions at the top!  

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