April 3rd, 2013

The EVOLUTION of The Minimalist Golf Swing


The Evolution of The Minimalist Golf Swing System

[embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKRAvrAyyFk[/embed] Let’s face it, folks. Regardless of qualifications, the ‘credentialed’ golf instructor acquires at best, a week of ‘what to teach’ information, through ANY Professional Golf Association of the world. At the end of the week or so of information, he/she is let loose to sink or swim, with arsenal that could start a world war - ‘The Ball-Flight Laws, Principles and Preferences’. Even if the credentialing is spread out over a period of three years, nothing more than a week’s worth of information is ever disseminated, and nothing concrete about ‘what to teach’ is ever told to the teachers. The first (and last!) piece of information a wanna-be pro is given is about ‘The Ball Flight Laws’. These Laws have created endless debate and gone from ‘old’ to new’ but are truly much ado about nothing. (See the post ‘What do GOLF’s Ball Flight Laws and Shakespeare have in common’? in this blog). All the Laws do is tell you all the possible ways (most of them undesirable) in which the ball can be moved, based on the club’s position as it arrives at the ball. [Which student, I ask, goes to an instructor to be taught less-than-ideal ball flights resulting from less-than-ideal club positions?] After an instructor is told which club positions move the ball in which manner (the Laws), they are told a bit about the Principles (many, such as wrist positions and shaft positions, become irrelevant as soon as there is no wrist-set in the backswing!), and then told they may choose any (of infinite) ‘Preferences’ to generate the ‘Principles’ needed for the particular ‘Laws’ they require to enforce. What body positions at impact can deliver the club correctly to the ball? What body positions during the set-up and backswing allow the body to get into correct position for impact? Very little information exists on ideal body positions for impact, and none on which top-of-backswing positions can effortlessly position the body correctly at impact. So, how do golf instructors gain accurate information on what to disseminate to their students? By trial and error - their own, that of their students, and that of the famous instructors. The more ‘trial’ and less ‘error’ an instructor can rely on, the more successful he/she is likely to be. So, this was how the Minimalist Golf Swing System evolved too. See a problem, try to fix it, try to analyze why it was a problem in the first place. Except, The MGSS had many of its aspects researched too - a case of putting one’s money where one’s mouth is. Finally, nothing can make a subject as clear (to an instructor) as an in-depth study of all the peripheral topics around the main problem. Hence, a study of anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology and even orthopedic physical assessments certainly helps. When you use the MGSS, therefore, you get a solid product backed 100% by science.

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