July 19th, 2012

MGSS – a new adjective to describe it!

What a treat to explain The Minimalist Golf Swing System to people with a background in anatomy! They GET IT. However, because it's so different (or in the words of people who've tried it, 'weird', 'counter-intuitive', 'unnatural' etc. etc.!) it's best to 'show' rather than 'tell'. So last weekend, at a gathering of 50 chiropractic students who attended a Motion Palpation Institute's 'Golfer and the DC' seminar, class-room time showed a bit about the evolution of all things golf, after which it was all driving-range hands-on teaching/learning.   1. The golf ball has had millions of dollars of research put into it to progress from a feathery to the ultra-sophisticated thing with precise numbers of, size of and depth of dimples, not to mention high-tech materials. 2. Golf clubs have evolved from mere shepheards' crooks to blobs of metal to oh-my-gosh tools that claim to cure slices and hit the ball a country mile and who knows what else. 3. The golf swing has evolved too ---- look carefully at the change All the chiropractors could see - good golfers, many of them - was a change of apparel! SO, the moral of the story is, the golf swing has evolved in as random a manner as golf apparel has! What should happen is once one has a plan for what the ball must do (for instance, in a full-swing, travel maximum distance, be straight and have ideal trajectory for the club being used), one should decide how the club must arrive at the ball (maximum speed, from the inside, and at a shallow angle), and then place all the body's main joints in positions from which they can make the downswing most efficiently, based on their design, and on where they require to deliver the club! The easiest way to do that is to separate the role of the arms and the role of the body. Allow only ferris-wheel movements of the arms and only merry-go-round movements of the body (and ne'er the twain shall meet). MGS really does this! So, many attendees said, "Man this is crazy - but it actually works"! One asked, "I really like this but how should I explain it to my friends when I look so different?" The reply from the intrepid inventor of the MGSS, "Well, ask them if you should have a rotation/coil/twist of your body during the backswing, then tell them, why do you care if I finish my rotation/coil/twist before my swing has begun? That way all I have to do is get my arms in place and I HAVE to make ideal contact!"  

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