April 9th, 2017

Golf the mental game: Thinking your way around the course

Book Review: 

Golf the mental game - thinking your way around the course

When a golf book is written by someone who has great expertise in his own field, and has also been a golfer since age 10, it is sure to hold much value for the reader. Tom Dorsel is a clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology, and has been listed as one of the USA’s top golf psychologists by Golf Magazine. Moreover, this book is a compilation of 50 lessons which were first published in Golf Illustrated. So, how can this book help the average golfer? According to Dorsel, when something goes wrong on the golf course, the reason is only related to three things - thoughts, emotions and actions. If a golfer can identify which area is an issue for a particular shot, then steps can be made to correct the fault. “It doesn’t take long to realize that golf is harder than school,” says Dorsel. Which is why the three Rs known to create success at school - Reading ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic - convert to the nine Rs important for golf. In addition, while many think that all sports psychology has to offer is relaxation training, it can be so much more. It involves helping a golfer build confidence, focus, handle pressure, think strategically, learn how to practice scientifically and can even teach one that there is a mental side to selecting golf equipment and apparel. Part I of the book talks of the basics and the nine Rs. Part II is about clear thinking and offers tips on concentration and visualization. While Part II is about the thoughts, Parts III and IV are about emotions and actions. Controlling the emotions requires mental toughness and avoiding choking, while good actions can take place during practice as well as play. Finally, Part V is about golf’s mental mysteries and how to solve them. This book has been written in simple language and makes for easy reading as it is not dreary, while at the same time offering many practical, simple-to-follow tips. A note from the author: The book is available through Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Golf-Mental-Game-Thomas-Dorsel/dp/1581826494  

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